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Originally from Pembrokeshire, south west Wales, I have travelled and garnered many influences. My initial passion was in the field of model animation where drawing played a large part of the conceptual and design process. Over subsequent years I began to take a much deeper interest in drawing and painting and now pursue them as an end in themselves.

I mostly work outdoors whatever the weather and have returned home either shivering, soaked or sunburnt on many occasions. The reward of at least having jotted something down on paper or canvas soon makes me forget the hardships of facing the elements, passers by, and once or twice being caught unawares by a curious bull ! I find that work done outdoors possesses a vitality harder to create in the warmth of the studio where conditions are more controllable. I don't feel I'm aiming for a literal depiction in my paintings, rather my own sense of the subjects atmosphere. It's largely a subjective process and what comes out, comes out!

I hope you'll enjoy looking through my website and if you wish to contact me about purchasing original work, prints, sketches or commissions then please use the 'contact' information page. I answer all enquires.


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Chameleon Sea